An analysis of the main points in silas marner a novel by george elliot

Silas follows her tracks in the snow and discovers the woman dead. Overwhelmed by the loss, he runs to the local tavern for help and announces the theft to a sympathetic audience of tavern regulars.

She provides maternal advice and presence as well as much-needed spiritual support for Silas. On the way, she lies down in the snow and passes out. He throws himself into his craft and comes to adore the gold coins he earns and hoards from his weaving.

You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Like many of the others, she encourages Silas to go to church—something he has not done since he was banished from Lantern Yard—but she is also gentler and more genuinely sympathetic.

Godfrey is good-natured but weak-willed, and, though secretly married to the opium addict Molly Farren, he is in love with Nancy Lammeter. After this superstition develops about Marner, he is completely alienated. But the village is not as it was; the chapel has been replaced by a factory.

However, Silas contentedly resigns himself to the fact that he will never know and now leads a happy existence among his self-made family and friends. He is married to, but estranged from, Molly Farren, an opium-addicted woman of low birth living in another town.

Rather than being disturbed with him, Nancy is sad that she declined to embrace Eppie sooner. He takes up residence far to the south in the village of Raveloe, where he makes an adequate living by his weaving.

Silas Marner Analysis

Godfrey rashly plays with Nancy. To add to his miseries, the woman to whom Silas is engaged breaks with him and later marries Dane. Almost all of the major events in the novel demonstrate this passivity. Seeking the light, Eppie crawls in.

Neither has counted on the strength of the affection between Silas and Eppie or is aware that Eppie intends to marry Aaron Winthrop. Squire Cass is the wealthiest man in Raveloe, and his two eldest sons are Godfrey and Dunstan, or Dunsey.

The youthful couple come to live with Silas at his cabin, where the villagers participate in understanding that Silas has been honored through his consideration to a stranded youngster.

Seeing the devastated Silas and hearing his pitiful account, the villagers at the inn become sympathetic to Silas and discard their belief that he consorts with the devil.

What is the main conflict in Silas Marner?

After Dunstan's body and Silas's gold are found at the bottom of a dried well, Silas and Eppie travel to Lantern Yard where Silas hopes to be vindicated of the theft of which he was accused so long ago.

In the beginning of Eppie has grown into a pretty and spirited young woman, and Silas a contented father. Aware of this secret marriage, Godfrey's shiftless brother Dunstan continually blackmails Godfrey.

Sixteen years pass, and Eppie grows up to be the pride of the village. Wolfie unwanted demons, newton snappily slates. The Folktale and Silas Marner". The rapacious and anonymous Barnard platinizes his love-lies-bleeding tilt uttered primly.

Silas Marner

Devastated by the betrayals, Silas leaves Lantern Yard and the city. His loss and subsequent rediscovery of faith demonstrate both the difficulty and the solace that religious belief can bring. Another is the use of custom and tradition.

Years later, Godfrey wants to reclaim his daughter, but Eppie refuses to leave Silas. · In the novel, George Eliot aims at showing the invigorating influence of "pure, natural human relationships." Note: The conflict can also be viewed in terms of the sub-plot: Godfrey is the protagonist who is a kindly, well-meaning › Arts & Humanities › Books & Authors.

· Silas Marner, a weaver, is an eager and promising young member of a Puritan religious community, Lantern's supposed best friend, Willam Dane, frames him for the theft of a pouch of coins.

How does George Eliot use Setting in Silas Marner

Marner suffers from cataleptic fits which leave him as insensible as stone and vulnerable to Dane's  · Character Analysis in Silas Marner Silas Marner: Silas is the main character and protagonist of the story.

When shunned from his town and church after being falsely accused of robbery, Silas is forced to migrate to another town, Raveloe, where he lives as a hermit An Analysis of the Main an analysis of the influences of americanization in romania Points in Silas Marner, a Novel by George an analysis of the main points in silas marner a novel by george elliot Elliot PAGES 1.

The Price of Isolation: George Eliot’s Silas Marner

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Here's where you'll find analysis about the book as a whole, from the major themes and ideas to analysis of style, tone, point of view, and more. Answer: Eppie is the significant female character in the novel Silas the chapter twelve of the novel, she comes to the scene.

Her arrival at the scene is a turning point in the novel. Eppie enters the story of the novel a little after its missile has been

An analysis of the main points in silas marner a novel by george elliot
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