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In a relatively small area, one can find a remarkable variety of habitats and an extraordinary selection of birds, with the tameness and approachability characteristic of the Indian Subcontinent. Top Sites Satellite View Baga fields extend from Arpora into the centre of Baga, viewable and accessible from the Baga coast road up to, over, and along the Baga River.

Evergreens and a variety of canes can also be found. By late evening, we met our host Pankaj Lad, who gave us a very warm welcome. It is situated within walking distance from the Karmali Railway Station and is among the famous bird watching spots in Goa.

Nights at the camp can be cool. June to February Pickup 8. Broadly speaking, Goa can be dissected into three ecological regions — the coastal belt with its mangroves-lined estuaries Goa birds marshes, the central dry, rocky plateau, and the undulating forested interior.

Our second session was a drive towards Tambdi Surla, where we were greeted by a pair of Malabar Trogon. Goa is a part of the coastal country known as the Konkanwhich is an escarpment rising up to the Western Ghats range of mountains, which separate it from the Deccan Plateau.

Top Sites Satellite View Baga fields extend from Arpora Goa birds the centre of Baga, viewable and accessible from the Baga coast road up to, over, and along the Baga River.

The fields are an important open space in what has become an overcrowded resort, and Goa birds various pipits and buntings among a good selection of raptors and more widespread Indian species. From the coast Goa rises into the Sahyadri Range of the Western Ghats which run the length of its eastern boundary less than 70km away.

Raptors including Western Marsh Harrier and Osprey are drawn to the lake, while the roadside palm trees and wires above the adjoining fields are good for passerines, woodpeckers, bee-eaters, and parakeets.

Requirements; Passports if you are a foreigner we cross the Goa border. Nightjars are unusual looking birds with even stranger sounding calls. Stand in front of any trees and you will see birds flying around.

Arrive in early morning and transfer to Beira Mar Hotel, Baga - local birding on foot, in and around the hotel. The sanctuary hosts a mini zoo with Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, and a good collection of snakes and botanical garden and as a result can be busy, especially on weekends and public holidays - early morning is by far the best time to visit.

A large number of typical Indian species, with several southern Indian endemics, are joined by a whole range of much sought after Palearctic species that winter there.

Other habitats are within walking distance of the hotel whilst our included excursions provided by our local Indian guides, enable us to visit most of the choice locations up and down this sunny coast, and more of the huge variety of colourful birds.

This great marshy vegetation covered lake attracts photographers, bird watchers as well as people, who enjoy natural beauty, from all parts of the country. Once the sunset, we headed back to the resort and soon left for our night trail.

List of birds of Goa

The forest canopy is almost closed and the availability of grass is very limited. History of Goa Rock cut engraving at Usgalimal. Guaranteed sun, a well-developed infrastructure and easy travel around by minibus, all contribute to one of the best value-for-money long haul birding holidays currently available.

I also conduct overnight customized trips to Dandeli wildlife sanctuary and Mollem National Park, and other day trips to Carambolim lake, Neura wetlands, Morjim Beach, and other birding areas. Although you can find birds in most deserted parts of the Pilerne industrial estate, our favorite spot is closer to Nerul river.

Given a couple of weeks it is possible to reach a list ofcomprising more widespread Indian species, regional endemics, and overwintering migrants. Pankaj kept scanning the area but in vain. January would be awesome for bird photography.

October to May Cotigao is my favorite wildlife sanctuary in Goa. Birding the coastal strip in minibuses with our local guides, includes a river cruise.

Goa Birds & Curries - NEW!

Within minutes we felt very homely. With estuaries, mudflats, mangroves, and rivers, freshwater lakes and marshes, ricefields, lowland jungle and monsoon forest, there are almost endless habitats for rewarding exploration and birding.

The Rangado river flows on its east while the Madhel river on its north. This area was first known as Mollem Game Sanctuary.GOA the state in western India is famous and well- known for its beaches and birds.

The forests of Goa form the part of Western Ghats. As most of the Goan forest, we wanted to visit were in Southern region of the state of Goa, planned our stay in Nature's Nest Goa. A 15 seater boat takes you for the safari in the River Zuari going further in the mangrove-lined Cumbharjua Canal.

The journey through the mangrove lined canal is full of bird sightings. Birds and Breakfast gives you the best bird watching experience at the birding site for one of your most enjoyable mornings in Goa and beyond.

Siolim One of the quietest villages in North Goa. The place is located on the bank of the River Chapora and is surrounded by palm trees and tropical foliage. Goa (India) - exploring the coastal strip and staying in a unique camp in the Western Ghats.

SAMPLE WILDLIFE an excellent introduction to Indian birds, of many habitats, our main highlight may include Indian Pitta. Bird Watching and Nature Excursions in Goa Call me on + when you’re done with the everyday tours, the usual company and the same old sites. Then I’ll custom design your nature excursions into the unexplored forests of Goa.

The first comprehensive checklist of the birds of Goa by Heinz Lainer listed species. This was followed by a revision of the list by Lainer, [5] which listed species, Parag Rangnekar's compilation, [7] which listed species, ZSI publication on Fauna of Goa [8] which listed species, and the third revision by Lainer, [6] which.

Goa birds
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